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Who We Are

Tecom Compressed Air Technologies’ staff is a young and dynamic group of people specialized in compressed air, cogeneration and energy efficiency. Tecom, with its efficient practices, helps to economize up to 50% on energy costs spent on compressed air, which is one of the most important inputs of the industry.

The management of our company have been actively involved in the natural gas, waste heat recovery and compressed air fields for over many years. Tecom carries out significant research and development studies to reduce dependance on fossil fuels; which is the main triggering mechanism of current account deficits and is also the biggest obstacle to competitiveness and energy security.  

Tecom intends to help factories operate  more efficiently and reduce their energy costs by carrying out joint projects with industrial entities. It produces turn-key projects where it is involved from the very beginning till the end of the process. It determines the works that can be done, makes designs, manufactures them, implements and runs them. Besides all of these, it provides finance solutions to help companies own these systems by only spending as much as their monthly savings, without any extra costs. 

Tecom’s objective is to help business owners - who account for roughly 50% of energy consumption - to use energy more efficiently, to reduce the unit price of compressed air by half , to regain the waste heat to their systems and to produce electrical energy at a lower cost. 

While Tecom offers such products and services, it has two visions. 

  • Firstly; to increase the energy efficiency in order to reduce the current account deficit and to make industry more competitive. 
  • And secondly to reduce the carbon emission values of the factories to make a positive contribution to climate change which is one of the biggest problems of the world in the 21st century.


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