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Tecom Investments is the main shareholder of Tecom Compressed Air Technologies.      

Tecom Investments was established in 2010 to gather our group of companies under one roof, manage them from a corporate viewpoint and build the basis for future investments. The company’s quick thinking, fast, aggressive and brave decision making structure is a reflection of its dynamic management staff.      

Tecom Investments' main strategy is to invest in companies that  generate energy, that manufacture machinery and equipment that increases energy efficiency,  and that render services to the energy sector. Tecom does not limit its investments to a specific size of companies and invests in companies during establishment or in later phases. Tecom targets projects which create added value within a specific understanding that have high sectoral potential of success and involve comparatively high risks.    

The current scope of activities of Tecom Investments' joint venture and solely owned companies vary from metal and stainless steel processing, electronics, styrofoam and machinery production to real estate investment.    

Companies within Tecom Investments provide employment for 2000 people. Our biggest goal is to increase the employment potential of our companies which currently operate in Istanbul, Manisa, Tekirdağ, and Eskişehir and in Romania.     

We believe that the future lies within the entrepreneurism of the youth. We think that entrepreneurism must be encouraged in a wide range of areas such as manufacturing, energy, engineering, agriculture and services. As Tecom, we are ready to invest in the energy companies of the future.


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