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Compressed air quality has high importance within most factories’ production processes. In addition to this the cost of compressed air is much more than usually realized. For a factory, electricity that is used for compressed air production to be 40% of its total electricity bill is something very frequent. For most of us, it is a surprising fact that more than the initial cost of an air compressor is spent every year for the electricity to run it.   

Compressed air also has a significant impact on the quality of the products for which it is used to produce. Many factors have an impact on the cost and quality of compressed air. Some of them are factors like; the pressure and capacity of the required air, altitude above sea level, ambient temperature and humidity level, fluctuations with air demand, planning of the compressed air equipment and climatization of the generated air.   

For every (1 bar of) increase in the generated air, in order to be able to provide the same volume, 7% more power is required. In other words; if you are running your compressor with a pressure that is more than required, that means you are spending more on electricity than necessary.    

Electrical compressors use 30 % of the full load power when they operate at idle. In other words; when you don’t design your system right and your machines are operating at idle for no reason,that means you are spending money on air that you shouldn’t be spending.  

The electricity consumption of the air compressors account for 7% of the total electricity consumption on earth. In electrical power plants, the alternators are operated by natural gas turbines and cause significant losses while electrical energy is being generated. The generated electrical energy later reaches your factory through kilometers of giant cables with a substantial amount of energy loss and turns the electrical engine and consequently the compressed air rotors again with major losses. All of these processes cause significant energy loss and waste of heat.  

Tecom Compressed Air Technologies is the right address for you if you like to know how to use compressed air more efficiently, utilize waste heat within your premises and decrease your energy costs.

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