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Cogeneration units are small sized power plants and heat stations. Cogeneration units, which are set up in accordance with the average electrical and heat load levels of your company, lower your energy costs by significantly increasing your operational efficiency.

Most fossil fuel plants operate with 40 % efficiency. These power plants generate 4 units of electrical energy per 10 units of energy consumption, they return the rest to nature as waste heat. It is not possible to use waste heat efficiently as power plants are located in locations that are far away from factories and residential areas. However, a cogeneration plant that can be built within your factory will help utilize 4 of these 6 units of waste energy in your industrial operations. You can increase the system performance by twice as much this way. 

Denmark is a leading country in utilization of cogeneration systems in the world. It generates 50 % of the requirement of its thermal and electrical energy with this method. By efficient management of its resources, Denmark was able to lower its carbon emission rates below all other countries.

It is highly important for a country like Turkey, which is dependent on foreign resources, to use every bit of its energy in a well planned manner and not to waste it. The efficient use of resources will help the competitiveness and growth of our country’s economy and increase the chances of employment.




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