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TE-NG-200 Compressed Air Cogeneration System

The Tecom Compressed Air Cogeneration System is a machine which converts the natural gas that it uses as fuel, into compressed air and usable thermal energy. 

• Compressed air is generated by a screw unit which is driven by an internal combustion engine. The lubricant oil that is heated during the compressed air generation process is cooled by a heat exchanger and thus hot water is produced.

• The jacket water cooling of the natural gas internal combustion engine and cooling of the intercooler are realized by using a different heat exchanger and thus hot water is produced.

• The exhaust gas of the natural gas internal combustion engine is transmitted to the waste heat boiler and in this way steam can be produced. In line with the requirement of the factory, hot water can be generated by processing the exhaust gas through an exchanger instead of a waste heat boiler. 

All functions of the machine including engine ignition system, air intake valve, discharge valve, pressure and temperature control units, are controlled by PLC.

There is an air cooled radiator unit next to each heat exchanger in order for the machine to keep operating efficiently in case the refrigerant water that is provided by the factory to the exchangers (which are used to cool the engine jacket water, intercooler and compressor oil) is out or insufficient. The water and oil cycle systems and PLC unit software are designed to enable or disable the radiators when necessary. 

The machine’s PLC system and fan engines on the raditors operate with electrical energy. The PLC system has also a power supply for the machine to stop and shut itself off properly in case of sudden electric outages. 

The Tecom Compressed Air Cogeneration System; saves up to 45 %  in total energy costs when compared to an electrical compressor which has the same capacity of compressed air generation and a natural gas heat boiler which has the same capacity of thermal energy generation.


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