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To generate energy from a fossil fuel or to transform an existing energy source into another type of energy is quite an inefficient process. The losses in these processes are mostly transmitted as waste heat into the environment. It is a significant contribution to recycle waste heat and turn it into usable energy in order to solve the issues of energy demand, energy safety and global climate change.  

Nowadays sustainable resources like solar, wind and geothermal energy are of a big importance for our future. In addition to these, it is possible to generate electrical energy from waste heat which has just as big as a potential like these resources and can even be applied more easily . Although nowadays many factories are making efforts, the recycled thermal energy is not even at a level of 5% . While waste heat can be used in production processes, such as heating and cooling, it is also possible to generate electrical energy from waste heat.

We as Tecom Compressed Air Technologies are involved in a series of research and development activities to manufacture modular units which generate electrical energy out of waste heat based on Organic Rankine Cycle principles. Thus we are planning to make it not only available and feasible for big factories but also for small sized factories. This will also make large scale waste heat recycle projects possible to be implemented in phases with modular units and thus will make them more economically appealing.  

We also aim to develop the ORC modular units in order to adapt them to geothermal and solar energy as well.


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