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Tecom Compressed Air Technologies deals with every detail of the projects it carries out. It designs the systems, manufactures and installs them and helps with financing and commissioning them.   

While implementing these systems, based on your desire, it can buy your current equipment, which later will remain idle. Thus you end up owning a brand new facility and selling out your old equipment. Also you can pay the balance by making monthly payments equal to your savings. As your initial investment cost is reset this way, you can use your capital for investing in areas related to your main area of activity.  

Tecom Compressed Air Technologies’ goal is not only to develop technologies but also to introduce these technologies to its clients. Tecom creates appropriate financial solutions for its clients based on their requests and provides opportunities for its clients to use energy more efficiently and be more competitive without additional cost.  

Tecom provides its clients with all types of consultancy services in order for them to optimize their electricity and natural gas consumption and reduce their costs. As Tecom, one of our goals is to enable additional income from carbon emission benefits of the systems we install, by way of the carbon emission markets. 

Kavacık Mah. Ekinciler Cad. Muhtar Sokak No:5 Zemin Kat Kavacık-Beykoz/İstanbul                 Tel: +90 216 331 12 00-444 1 302                 Fax: +90 216 331 12 02             info@tecompressor.com