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In terms of energy Turkey is a foreign dependent country. Energy imports account for 84% of the current account deficit of Turkey.  

In 2011 Turkey imported 54 billion USD worth of energy. In other words in 2011, 22.46 USD for every 100 USD worth of imports was spent on energy products like oil and natural gas.  

45% of the electrical energy that is domestically generated, is being generated from natural gas.   

Half of the natural gas consumption of Turkey is used to generate electricity and the other half is used to produce heat. According to research if cogeneration systems are implemented at consumption points with heat energy requirements, Turkey would be capable of meeting 25% of its electrical energy requirement.  

In addition to this, if we recycle the released industrial waste heat at a maximum level and transform it into electrical energy, we can meet another 25% of electrical energy requirement.  

70% of the green house gas emissions arise from the generation of electricity and heat. Studies show that it is possible to decrease these emissions by 25% when cogeneration and heat recycling technologies are  put to use.  

The use of renewable energy resources is extremely low in Turkey.  

Although Turkey has 31500 MWt of geothermal energy potential, the ratio of geothermal energy being used to generate domestic electricity is less than 0.5 %.   

For 2011, the ratio of electrical energy generated by wind power plants in Turkey is less than 1%.  

Although Turkey has extremely rich renewable energy resources, for reasons such as technological limitations, cost of investment and insufficient awareness these resources have not been put to efficient use.


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